Wise Moving Ideas for Your New Apartment

Moving Ideas in DenverMoving to a new apartment can be a stressful time. There are ways to reduce the stress, however, and the most important one is to plan early. This article shares a few simple hacks, which you should add to your checklist.

Inform people

This means forwarding your mail to your new address, and letting loved ones and friends know where you’re moving to. Your magazine subscriptions and bills will keep piling up at your old address, to the annoyance of the new tenants. It would be best to be proactive and call those involved about the change, but leave a forwarding address to your landlord anyway, just in case you missed one or two. Do this at least two weeks before you move.

Check the new place more thoroughly

You’ve checked the place before you decided to put a deposit, but this time around, about a week before your move, visit the place to do a more thorough inspection. Check the windows and doors if they all open and close properly and firmly. Check for broken or cracked glass that might become a security risk or a way for your energy bills to shoot up. You may also think about paying for a re-key in Denver. This is for lost keys for locked doors and cabinets. You may also want to carry a duplicate key in your wallet or purse. Have the locksmith make you one.

Get the Internet and telephone working

If the place already has the cables, you may just have to call the landlord to activate them. Do this at least two days before you move in, so the lines are ready and waiting for you. You can instantly go online to share news about your move or even get to work immediately. Nothing’s more annoying than finding out the Wi-Fi and the telephone aren’t working when you get there and it would take the landlord a day or two to get them fixed.

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Every time you come back to your new apartment to do things like cleaning and buying new things you need, bring some of your possessions from your old apartment. This will reduce the things you have to carry in the U-Haul or in your car come moving day.