You can Drive Fast and You can Drive Furious, but if You Want Your Car to Last You Gotta Learn Consistency

Car Reliability

Car ReliabilityYou can go around town with your hot wheels. Go hot rod and drive like crazy. Still, if you want to get your beautiful car working for as long as the sun shines, you must learn to be consistent.

In a way, a horse and a car are not too different after all – though one is inanimate and the other is so alive, it can kick you unconscious. When it goes down to it, your consistent care defines whether your horse or your car will perform the way you want it to. You could have a shiny and powerful car in a day, but if you want to keep it that way, you need to learn how to give it some good loving.

How? Start with automotive electrical supplies, the basic nerve centre of your car, and then take it from there, suggests

Keeping It Hot

Henry  Ford, the man credited to have mass-produced cars by the thousands, nailed it: A car for every American family. And by God (and no mean wit), he soared to the national spotlight selling ten thousand Model T’s in 1908 at only $825.

But amazing as it is, that price dropped even lower to $575. Not long afterwards, in 1914 Ford gobbled 48% share of the auto market.

Though the automobile industry may never have been the same, some things never change: reliability. Quite simply, nobody wants to ride something that can’t be steered or stopped when you want to.

Reliability is a Product of Consistency

There is a reason the likes of Jay Leno can drive classic cars until this very day. Thanks to retro-mod, and some fine-tuning, old cars can last a very long time indeed. Of course, asking Leno how many times he had someone buy automotive electrical supplies for his ride is ridiculous. Or for that matter, change his batteries.

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Classic cars are built to last. This is why in all parts of your life – on the road or not – consistency is key, and reliability (and lifespan) comes with it.