You’re Likely to Damage Your Car with 3 Oversights

Car DamageMotoring enthusiasts value their car and often go to great lengths to maintain them in good condition. To this end, they adhere to the vehicle manufacturer’s instruction, schedule routine maintenance and use superior replacement parts. However, despite all the above efforts, you could be unknowingly contributing to the rapid devaluation of your car. 

Here are some of the ways that you risk your car without meaning it:

Driving short distance

Taking drives that are less than 10 minutes tend to harm the car by promoting wear and tear. A car operates efficiently when the engine reaches its full operating temperature, as it can eliminate water vapor effectively that results from the combustion process. The water turns to steam which then escapes through the crankcase ventilation system or exhaust pipe. A short trip means the water remains inside the engine and the tailpipe, causing them to rust.

Failing to wash the engine

Although most engines boast a cooling system, air plays a significant role in keeping it cool. As such, an engine wash removes all the grime and dirt covering the motor parts and improves heat loss capacity. A cool engine runs more smoothly, which is good for the overall car performance. Additionally, keeping it clean allows you to spot leaks as soon as they happen and to take proactive measures.

Using a low-cost service

With skyrocketing costs of car maintenance, many people often favor facilities with an affordable price. While it may prove a hit in the short term, this proves to be a mistake in the long run. Smaller establishments lack specialty equipment such as Challenger lifts, which might result in ineffective services. JMC Equipment noted that such service providers are more likely to overlook crucial faults that could jeopardize your safety on the road.

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Some actions by the motorists pose a significant threat to their vehicles by increasing the rate of depreciation and the risk of getting into an accident.